Gregor Schöner

I would like to understand how embodied and situated nervous systems develop cognition. To do that, my colleagues and I have developed the theoretical framework of Dynamical Field Theory. In a set of close theory-experiment collaborations we validate the concept of the theory and systematically build an account of action, perception, and embodied cognition. Exemplary studies include multi-degree of freedom movements, learning of motor skills, perception of motion, working memory for action, space and visual features, sensory-motor decision making and the development of early cognition and motor behavior. In a second line of research we develop of autonomous robots inspired by these same theoretical principles. The main emphasis is on service robotics, in which autonomous robots interact with human users.

I work toward that vision as a researcher, as group leader, and collaborator. I also teach as a professor, and am the director of the Institute, and have all kinds of other obligations like editorships, writing letters for students, and reviewing grants. As a result of such multi-tasking, I struggle to keep up with email. So please don't hesitate to remind me if I am slow to respond and do send me an email a second or third time if the response is long in coming. Thank you for your understanding.



Phone: +49 234 32 27965

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Institut für Neuroinformatik
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